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To help the author develop and create the best book possible. Material that has both commercial appeal and long-term value.


To help the author determine the next best step in their writing career. Giving counsel regarding the subtleties of the marketplace as well as the realities of the publishing community.


To help the author secure the best possible contract. One that partners with the best strategic publisher and one that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

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36 Pieces of Advice about Writers Conferences

It is the height of the annual Fall writers conference season so I thought I would compile all the posts we have done over the past few years on the writers conference experience and book proposals. If bound in a single volume it would be a small booklet of over 20,000 words.

The Conference

The Writers Conference Decision

Get Thee to a Writers Conference (Guest blog by James Scott Bell)

Conquering Conference Jitters

To Conference We Shall Go!

4 Tips for Surviving a Writers Conference

One Word to Increase Your Conference Enjoyment

Can’t Go to the Conference? Don’t Despair!


The Editor/Agent Appointment

That Conference Appointment

When Your Agent Appointment Flops


Your Pitch

Do You Have Perfect Pitch?

One-Sheets versus Queries

The Wild Pitch

Get Attention with the Right Title

Do You Have a Great Title for Your Book?

High Concept: Catching Readers One at a Time

The Ultimate Sound Bite

A Great Hook!

Proposals: Creating a Strong Hook

This Offer Does Not Expire


Your Book Proposal

Hints for a Great Cover Letter

A Perfect Proposal

The Keys to a Great Book Proposal

Keys to a Great Synopsis

The Synopsis Tells the Tale

Synopsis Made Easy – I Promise!

Read All About It! – The Back Cover Copy

Would You Buy Your Own Book?

My Book is Like…

Will You Vouch for Me?

Endorsements: How Important Are They?

Who Am I? – About the Author

Agents and Proposals: What to Expect

Two Mistakes Made in Some Recent Book Proposals

Attract Attention…in a GOOD Way!



The Beauty of Community

Making Friends at a Writers Conference

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Book Concepts That Will Never Sell

As a public service to our agency clients and the general Christian publishing industry (but mostly because it is a real drag being serious all the time) here are some book concepts that will never sell.  Don’t even bother trying to develop them. I Never Knew You: Depressing Bible Verses …

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Travel Woes? It Will be Okay!

As I prepare to attend the ACFW conference, I recall how many things can go wrong on travel. They can, and they do. But the world will not end. Please remember this. How do I know? Because I used to consider myself indispensable. But the graveyards are filled with indispensable …

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Proposals: Make Comparison Titles Work for You

When I mention adding comp titles to a proposal, this is the response I often get from both nonfiction and fiction authors: “AARRRGGHH! Why? It’s so hard!” Well, there are two main reasons as to the why: Comp titles show there’s a market out there for books like yours. Comp …

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