Steve Laube Buys The Christian Writers Market Guide from Jerry Jenkins

(Phoenix, AZ) The owner and president of the Steve Laube Agency has announced his purchase of the rights to The Christian Writer’s Market Guide from bestselling author Jerry Jenkins. Laube will become Publisher of the 2017 edition.

The Guide has been used as a resource in the inspirational market for over 30 years. It was created by writer Sally Stuart, who published it until 2012 when Jenkins took over. Laube says he plans to not only publish print and ebook editions, but he will also post the content online for subscribers.

IMG_1099“Publishing the Guide has been a privilege,” Jenkins says, “but also a ton of work. I’m eager to get back to writing and running my new Writers Guild (, which has skyrocketed beyond my fondest dreams. I’m thrilled to see Steve Laube continue the legacy of this amazing resource. He’s been a leader in the publishing industry for years and has a unique heart for budding writers.”

Laube says, “Our agency has long advocated educating writers and providing them the tools they need for success. The Christian Writer’s Market Guide becomes part of our larger educational initiative under a division we call The Christian Writers Institute ( I’m pleased that Jerry has agreed to remain associated with the Guide as a contributor and consultant.”



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