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A Year of Reading Dangerously

Be careful what you read. It may change your life!

Franz Kafka wrote that books can “wound and stab us… wake us up with a blow on the head… affect us like a disaster… grieve us deeply.”

As we move, over the next month, into the Spring, a time of renewal…and this week as we contemplate the Resurrection…think about the books you plan to read the rest of the year.

What is on your to-read list? Is there a book with which you know you will disagree? Is there one that could rattle your cage a bit more than usual? Could we spend this year reading dangerously?

Tell us your book plans below. It will be “fun” to see what you come up with.

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Do You Write in Your Books?

When we were first married, my husband bought a new Bible. The first thing he did was to sit down at his desk with a pen. I gasped. “What are you doing?” “I’m transferring notes from my old Bible so I’ll have them.” At that point, I think he’d also …

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Books on Sports to Fill the Void

The Super Bowl is over. Baseball won’t start Spring training for another month. The basketball season is another month away from March Madness and the playoffs. Hockey is in mid-season. What is a sports fan to do? I know, read about sports! I have read dozens of these kind of books …

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Ten Most Popular Works of Christian Fiction

I like reading lists of great books in hopes of discovering one I had missed or had not considered reading before. About ten days ago Josh Katzowitz had an article on Newmax listing the top ten most popular Christian novels of all time. Click through to see his comments on …

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Does Anybody Read Books Anymore?

This past Thursday the Barna Group released the results of their survey called “The State of Books and Reading in a Digital World.” Feel free to click through to read the report yourself. Meanwhile there are a few observations of my own. Confirms What We Already Know About Gender For …

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My Favorite Childhood Favorite

My favorite childhood favorite is Barbie Goes to a Party by Jean Bethell, illustrated by Claudine Nankivel. The story details how Barbie spends an afternoon consulting her mother and girlfriends, and how her mother and she advise Barbie’s friend Midge, about what to wear to a party. In the end, everyone wears …

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Why Do You Read?

In keeping with last week’s blog on personal reading, I’m thinking about how, over the years, my reasons for reading a book have changed. When I was a teenager, I would read a book to find out what might happen if I married: 1.) a rich man 2.) a poor …

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How to Read More in Less Time

I have the privilege of reading for a living. Someone once asked “What do you do for a living?” I replied, “I read.” Then they asked what I did for fun. And I replied with a huge smile, “I read.” But not all reading is alike. There is immersive reading of …

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6 Elements of a Good Book Review

In our discussions of late on reviews and authors’ reactions to reviews, I thought it would be helpful to take a look at the elements of a good review. And when I say “good,” I mean helpful. For the readers.  Because that’s what reviews are about. Helping readers decide if …

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