Are You Seeing Ghosts?

I read something this morning that I don’t recall ever reading before. I mean, I’ve read the story more times than I can count, but one line caught me today: “But the whole group was startled and frightened, thinking they were seeing a ghost!”

Recognize it? It’s from Luke 24, when Jesus appears to the disciples as they’re walking along the road. He even tells them, “Peace be with you.” And what do they do? They freak! They think they’re seeing ghosts.

As I read this, it struck me. How often do we look for God, seeking His presence and guidance for our writing, our careers, and when he shows up…

We think it’s a ghost.

Oh, not literally. But we convince ourselves it’s just our inner voice. Or our dreams. Or something we heard somewhere from someone…but it’s sure not God, because He doesn’t look or sound or feel like we expect.

The thing is, look at how Jesus responded to the disciples’ fear. He asks them for something to eat. And He eats it. While they watch. What a brilliant and simple way to show He’s as real as they are. He’s Jesus, right there. In front of them. And when at last they realize that truth, they stood there, “filled with joy and wonder.”

Friends, God is there. With you. Meeting your needs. Giving you the guidance you seek. Using you and your writing in ways you can’t begin to imagine. Rest in that. Rejoice in that. And as Thanksgiving dawns, let yourself be immersed the His presence. But remember, He doesn’t always show up in the ways we expect. And that’s okay. Because He does always show up in the way we each need.

This Thanksgiving, take a moment to be still. To feel and hear and love Him. And to take to heart the words He speaks to us every moment of every day:

“Peace be with you.”



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