This Is Why We Write

I made a mistake a few days ago: I watched the news. I seldom do that. Yes, I am informed on events. I have notices come to my phone in bite-sized pieces so I can control the onslaught of evil swarming over us. But on that day, I sat there, watching, weeping, wondering when people gave up being…well, human? When they became animals, given over to the darkest drives within with such abandon that reason and civility seem to be some archaic, forgotten, spit-upon ideals.

What has happened to us?

What made any of us even begin to believe that life—any life—doesn’t matter?

What allowed us ignore the truth that we are all created in God’s image and focus instead on race and creed?

When did we fly the white flag in the battle to protect each other? Even worse, when did we hoist instead the skull and crossbones to declare ourselves the masters of all and anyone who disagrees with us will—no, deserves to die?

When did we as a nation, as a people…as humanity become utterly blind and deaf to God’s truth and laws?

And what grieves me most is that so many who claim the name of Christ are right there, in the thick of it. Not to hold high the banner of Truth or refuse to take on the world’s methods and attitudes. Not to speak the truth in love. Instead, they’re as incensed and vitriolic and hateful as the world ever has been.

Brothers and sisters, the world needs you! They need you to speak truth. We need to write truth. You are the standard bearers, the ones who hold the life preserver for those drowning in the evil. You are watchmen set upon the wall to speak warnings, to call the people back to God. You, I, we all need to hold fast to—and never surrender—the truths God gave us, truths so many seem to have forgotten:

You must not have any other god but Me.

You must not make any idols for yourself. (Not money, race, creed, career, sales numbers, best-sellers lists…NO IDOLS.)

You must not misuse the name of the Lord your God. (This is not a small thing. When you use the name of the God of the universe, speak it and write in reverence, in holy fear.)

Remember to observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. (Whatever day is Sabbath for you, it’s not just another day of the week.)

Honor your mother and father. (Stop badmouthing the generations that came before you. Respect them. Honor them. They’re not disposable.)

You must not murder. (The world has strayed so far from this command…)

You must not commit adultery.

You must not steal.

You must not testify falsely about others. (Stand up for truth and justice. ENOUGH already with people getting away with things!)

You must not covet anything your neighbor has. (Not his place on the bestseller’s lists, not her popularity, not his platform, not her writing talent or marketing budget or respect or…his or her anything.)

You know, when these commandments were first read, they were followed up with thunder and lightning, with smoke billowing from the mountain, and with the loud blast of a ram’s horn. Their response? They stood at a distance, “trembling with fear.” We need a bit more of that fear, to remind us that when we speak or write God’s truths, we are doing something powerful.

Yes, offer your readers hope. Yes, speak of grace and restoration. Yes, write how God forgives and welcomes us into His kingdom. But don’t soft sell the truth of Who God is. He is Love and He is Truth. He is Forgiveness and He is Righteousness. He is Grace and He is Judgment.

He is God almighty. He has given you a task to take His words to a lost world. That’s why you write. That’s what you write. And that’s what will save us, in these days of darkness and hatred and despair…days when evil only seems to be in control.

May He use you well, friends. And may He have mercy on us all.



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