How to be a Woman?

This will be our last trip down Memory Lane for a while. I hope you have fun with today’s post and think about how your female characters live.

We’re bombarded with ads today and we were yesterday, too. How to be a woman? I was trying to figure all of this out as I was growing up. I knew I wanted to be a Proverbs 31 woman, but she was really embodied in my grandmother Bagley, Precious. (She called me Precious, too). I hope I’ve gained wisdom since the 1970s. I do know I’ve gained years!

So what was television saying?

Martini and Rossi on the rocks? I want to go to a party! But apparently I need to figure out how to decline a beverage that looks like coffee combined with cherry cough syrup.

Would I be safe on the road without a man?

My mother never used Shake and Bake since Daddy doesn’t like chicken but I cook with it sometimes. And no, it’s not better than my Southern fried chicken.

This one left me puzzled. Why does this woman want a man to buy a ten-cent cigar? Is he really rich if he spends ten cents? And how come they show (even for that time) a very, very old dime?

My mother saved and used S&H Green Stamps. One time she redeemed many books and ordered a recliner in turquoise vinyl. The color didn’t go with the blue paint in the living room, so she had the living room repainted in gold. Finally, it ended up with Grandpa Bagley. I’m not sure it matched their room, either. But they didn’t repaint. And the turquoise vinyl lived on. And on. And on…

Makeup: Seems all women need it, at least on television. I guess you can say I took this message to heart!

I don’t remember much in the way of kissing with Kissing Potion but I do remember an icky shine and the sweet tang of artificial strawberry flavoring.

Shouldn’t every woman want to be a Charlie girl?

I never liked this commercial for Love’s Baby Soft. Then again, I was wearing Charlie perfume.

This woman takes on way too many tasks with Enjoli, a perfume I also wore.

Ah, hose that might not snag!

Apparently I needed to learn how to make coffee for my husband. Although now, a husband can just go to Starbucks. Or you can buy a Keurig. Ain’t life grand?

Your turn:

How about you? What, if anything, did you learn from media as you were growing up?

What influenced your characters?


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