Please…Preach to the Choir


How often have you heard a writer say, “My book isn’t for church people. I mean, I don’t want to preach to the choir, I want to reach those searching for Christ.”

Not for nothing, but friends, who do you think is in the choir? Sure, some of the people sitting in the pews of any given church are life-long believers who know all they need to know about God and living a life of faith. I mean, surely there are people like that.

One or two, anyway.

But most of the people coming to church are more like you and I. They’re regular folks who want to follow Christ, to be an example for him in an ever darkening world, but who struggle.

With failure.

With depression.

With finances.

With raising kids.

With marriages.


Well, fill in the blank. Suffice it to say many of us simply struggle. And so we make our beleaguered way to church on Sunday, looking for answers to the questions no one seems able to answer.

Why has my child come out as gay? Did God make her that way? Did I do something wrong?

Why is my marriage always a struggle? Why doesn’t God just fix my spouse?

Why am I losing my home? Doesn’t God love me any more?


Again, just fill in the blank. Being in church doesn’t mean life is all settled and we know the answers. Being in church means we’re—wait for it—seeking God. Some of us are saved, and some of us aren’t. Some who attend church are just trying to understand what this whole faith thing is about and why they should care.

And guess what? Your books and stories and messages hold some of the answers they’re seeking. More than that, the answers they need.

So please, preach to the choir. Write to the choir.

They need you.


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