A Matter of Experience

Sad and happy

Sometimes I’ll have one of those days where I’m minding my own business, when I pick up the phone to discover the author on the other end of the line is irate. (No, this is not a rerun of an article from the 20th century. I do still have a land line for my office).

“Ohhh, Tamela! I know that Hell is indeed located on Earth and where is it? It’s at my publisher’s address! Here’s one of Satan’s minions now! I can feel the prongs of the pitchfork in my side! Flames are burning the bottom of my shoes! The smell of sulfur is so strong that no number of Yankee Candles can override it! Here comes another minion with a Molotov cocktail now! HEELLLP MEEEE!!!”

A half hour later, another incoming call:

“Tamela!!!!! My publisher is the world’s most awesome! Lookie! A unicorn! Stripey! And another one! With polka dots! Ohhh, they just sent a chocolate fountain! Do you hear the marching band? And I see a rainbow! Here comes the leprechaun with the map to the pot of gold now! WOWEEEEE!!!!”

As an author, you want to be with the second publisher, right?

Guess what? The two authors are talking about the same publisher. (Although I admit to a wee bit of dramatization.)

Both authors are telling the truth of their experience.

Your agent and other authors can tell you their experiences with each publishing house, but always know that your journey as an author will be different from anyone else’s. So it’s important not to envy the author who seems to be with a flawless publisher. And to partner with a great agent who can be with you whether you feel as though you’re on a luxury cruise or if you feel as though Jonah is by your side and the whale is in sight.

Your turn:

Are you where you want to be in your publishing journey?
When has your publishing house exceeded your expectations?
Have you heard disparate accounts about houses? Without revealing names, did you find this puzzling? Or not surprising?

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