Did I Say That?

I think I talk more at a conference in one day that I do in a week at home. (Well, my family might dispute that. Just sayin’.)

All that talk means I have plenty of times to say great things, witty things, funny things, and stupid things.

Sometimes someone will tell me, “Three years ago you said, blah BLAH blah blah blah blah blah BLAH.”

Really? I said that? Well, I probably did. That and 4,789 other things that same day.

A love for talking runs in my family and I got that talking gene. With all that talking experience, you’d think I could be spot on every time. But it’s hard to judge at a conference. Once you leave your immediate group of BFFs, you are seeing either people you’ve never met or people you see once a year or less. Sometimes your remark may not garner the response you were expecting.

And you might be witnessing others speak so at least you don’t feel so alone with your case of conference brain.

My thoughts during any given conference:

“Did he just say that?”

“I wouldn’t have said that.”

“Sure wish I hadn’t said that.”

“Sure wish I’d said that.”

“I needed to say that but wish I’d said it better.”

And sometimes:

“Thank you, Lord, for letting me say that just right.”

All this to say: I recommend not forming your entire opinion of someone based on seeing that person at a conference. If you’ve been offended, give that person another chance. If you’re worried you offended someone, try catching that person on social media to show your true spirit.

Our tongues are part of what makes us human. May all of our tongues reflect our pure hearts.

Your turn:

How do you cope with conference jitters?

Do you need alone time at a conference? How do you accomplish that?

Do you have a funny or heartwarming story to share about something someone said at a conference?

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