Fun Fridays – November 7, 2014

I cannot handle spicy food so I won’t be trying this at home. But I wonder what this would look like if you, as a writer, tried this while writing a particularly emotional scene for your book? Could you get through it without stopping? These amazing musicians from the Danish National Chamber Orchestra gave it their best.

Thank you to Trissina Kear for the tip!

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HELP! I’m a Bestselling Author!

Are you surprised that bestselling authors need help? Don’t be. While they are in an enviable position, that position is not without its hazards. 1.) Performance: Each book must be as good or better than the last book to keep readers reading. 2.) Sales: In direct correlation to the first …

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Let’s Be Creative and Have Fun with Book Titles!

Steve Laube shared this hilarious thought from in our agency phone call last week: What if your favorite books were Halloween Candy? Such as… Mounds of the Baskervilles Oliver Twix Almond Joy Luck Club The Fault in our Starburst So with Halloween just past, and all the candy now …

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Healthy Brain Food

In this social media-saturated world where everyone seems to have an opinion about everything, it is very important to quickly determine those voices you pay attention to and those you tune out. When it comes to the book publishing business, I narrow down who I pay attention to simply because …

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When You Don’t Feel Like Writing

Multi-colored paperclips

“I don’t feel like writing today.” Ever said that to yourself? I’m saying it today. But if I followed through on the impulse this page would be blank. Why You Won’t Write Today 1) Physical Illness can strike without warning. And some suffer from chronic conditions. I have clients who …

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HELP! I’m a Mid-List Author

Author Sales are Going Down

In the current publishing environment, many mid-list authors have taken hits. Some mid-list authors can and do keep writing, enjoy healthy sales, and have great careers while rarely hitting a bestseller list. This is a great and rewarding path. However, in recent times, market changes and the closing of fiction …

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Are You Being Too Transparent?

Have you seen the show Blue Bloods? Great show—I mean, how can it not be with Tom Selleck? Do I hear an amen??—that focuses on solid family connections and deals with tough, current issues. The most recent episode made me sit back and go, “Wow. I needed that reminder.” So …

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Returning Lemonade to the Lemons

Arrogant Writer

In my opinion, there are too many suggestions to improve things. Ten keys to success, five days to improving something, 12 steps to overcoming something, transform something by the end of the week, etc. An entirely neglected approach to life is how to make it go sour. Messing it up …

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When the Gloves Come Off

Fist Slams Table in Anger

The publishing experience is rarely done in isolation. This means working with other people. And if their performance or effort does not meet your expectations, conflict can occur. Over the years I’ve seen more conflict than you can imagine…or all types and variety. But the majority of issues boil down …

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