Enclave Publishing News

A couple major happenings over on the publishing side of my world. Enclave publishing has two events that happened this past week.

Enclave Publishing Kickstarter main photoFirst is the launch of a Kickstarter campaign as a means to have fans of Science Fiction & Fantasy have pre-publication access to the new titles at a great discount.

Check it out!
Enclave Publishing’s Kickstarter Campaign


Second, we have launched a brand new web site. Please visit and sign up for the newsletter (and get a free e-book!).

Visit: Enclave Publishing

Thank you for all your support in this new venture!

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Fun Fridays – July 18, 2014

Amazing what they can train some animals to do! You know this is real because it is on the Internet. Right? Bonus Fun Friday for you avid viewers… Why we are glad World Cup Fever is over:

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When Your Agent Appointment Flops

In keeping with my conference posts, I want to talk a little today about agent appointments. I’ll use agents as the example for brevity but this post can also apply to editor appointments. That is, what if the agent or editor doesn’t like your work? Don’t despair. Seriously. Here’s why: …

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Test Your Genre Skills!

Today feels like a writing day, so let’s try an exercise together. Write a scene, up to 150 words (no more!), about making a sandwich, but do so in a way that makes the genre clear. I’ll go first. Guess the genre: Almond butter. She hugged herself. Oh, he loved …

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Publishing in the Rear View Mirror

Every author, either self or traditionally published would like to write a book that sells today, but also tomorrow, next week and next year. Book publishing in all of it’s forms is the art of trying to predict what readers will want to buy in the future. I use the …

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Gone or Dawn? The Golden Age of Publishing

Recently Philip Yancey, a revered and bestselling author, wrote an article mourning the decline of the golden age of Christian Publishing. His words got me thinking… Are the Golden Days Gone? I have heard a lot of negative statements about the book industry, and the Christian publishing industry in particular, these …

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Making Friends at a Writers Conference

Conference time is exciting for everyone, especially those who are looking forward to meeting people they’ve only met over the Internet and reconnecting with old friends. For certain, strengthening relationships is one of the best benefits of any conference. But what about the person who’s new, who hasn’t had a …

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How to Engage Your Reader: Guaranteed!

I have been a fiction fan for a lot of years—basically, as long as I’ve been reading. But lately, the books I’m drawn to are more memoirs and what I’d call creative nonfiction. Nonfiction message in a creative, unexpected format. As I’ve read these books, I’ve been asking myself why …

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It’s Not Who You Know

From the third season of the 90’s sitcom Seinfeld, this classic interchange: Car Rental Agent: I’m sorry, we have no mid-size available at the moment.  Jerry: I don’t understand, I made a reservation, do you have my reservation? Agent: Yes, we do, unfortunately we ran out of cars. Jerry: But …

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