In the Garden – A Creative Exercise

Some writers tell me that ideas flow so fast they don’t have time to write them all. Others say the muse can be reticent. One thing both types of writers seem to have in common is a love of the creative exercise. Through my devotional reading, I entered into a creative exercise that I think many writers will enjoy. Would you like to join me?

The idea that your soul can be compared to a garden for the Lord to enjoy is not a new one, but I decided to spend some time thinking about what my soul would be like as a garden.

I’m still planting, but for now I’ve decided on several types of flowers. Azaleas because my grandmothers had beautiful azalea gardens and I have many established azaleas in my front yard now. Red roses because I’m romantic. Orchids because I can be high maintenance. Lots of green houseplants because I’m a hale and hearty homebody. And plenty of fruit trees and vegetables since I take great pleasure in cooking to feed the people I love.

While thinking, I realized the value in the creativity of this exercise. So naturally, I thought about writers.

How about you? Have you thought about your Soul Garden?

And yes, I visualize the Lord walking through it. Sometimes He is carrying a watering can, making sure all the plants have enough to drink. I think this ability to visualize freely and joyfully in concrete terms makes it easy for me to believe in all the miracles of the Bible. Just sayin’.

Are you thinking about your garden now? This has been a nice, creative break, don’t you think?

Your turn:

What flowers are in your Soul Garden? Why?

Did imagining your Soul Garden release creativity for you today? How?

Do you have a favorite way of thinking creativity that you’d like to share?


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