What’s Your First Line?

Listen! Do you hear it? It’s been there all month, echoing in the background. The sound of hundreds of thousands of fingers tap-tap-tapping away. Yes, it’s here again:


That grand adventure of joining with other writers worldwide from November 1-30 to uplift and encourage each other as you write a novel in a month.

A full novel.

In one month.

Sound impossible? Well, I confess I’ve never given it a try. But I know lots of writers who have and they love it. Love the camaraderie, love the sense that they’re not alone in the endeavor, love all the resources and pep talks they find at the NaNoWriMo website, love the sense of accomplishment. So this blog is to say kudos to those who have jumped in, whether for the first or tenth time! You’re getting close to the finish line, folks. So…


And now let’s give the NaNoWriMo writers–and the rest of us–a chance to share what many consider the most important part of your manuscript: the first line. We did this back in July, and it was great fun. So let’s give it another go.

Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, your first line is all about engagement. Capturing attention, drawing the reader into your book, winning readers’ buy-in to the message only you can deliver. So let’s hear it, friends. Fiction or nonfiction, share the first line—and ONLY the first line–of your work in progress!

Here’s mine, from a nonfiction book I’m working on:

Deep in the soul of a writer is a dark, sneering voice that never shuts up.

Your Turn!

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