Autumn Haiku

I love autumn. Love the crisp air, the faint scent of burning leaves, the cold mornings that still give way to sunny, blue-sky days. Love watching the leaves change into their new wardrobe of rich red, gold, and orange. There’s so much about this season that testifies to God’s artistry and creativity. So, as autumn officially launches, let’s share some of our creativity with each other by crafting Autumn Haikus.

You know the drill: haiku are 3-line poems that have a 5-7-5 syllable pattern. They’re full of imagery and evoke a sense of nature and beauty. Or, if you wish, humor. Feel free to be serious, funny, or whatever you wish to convey what autumn whispers to you as it arrives.

Here are a few to get us started:

Autumn elixir–
Crisp, smoky, air that draws my
Heart to worship God.

Burning leaves crackle,
Pumpkins grin near dried corn stalks.
Welcome, dear autumn!

Autumn winds twirling,
Lifting leaves of gold and red,
How I love the dance!

Black cats pattering,
Grinning pumpkins, candy corn…
Happy October!

Okay…have at it!

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