Fun Fridays

Fun Friday – Sept. 12, 2014

The message in today’s video is so powerful that I had to share it.

The message cuts to the core of why we work so hard in the publishing industry to tell stories, both fiction and non-fiction. To bring redemption, hope, and new life to those around us.

This video was created as a training piece for Chick-fil-A. Please share it with your friends.

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Fun Friday – Aug. 29, 2014

A Sign Language interpretation of the hit song “Happy.” Created and produced by deaf campers at the 2014 Deaf Film Camp in New York. The camp is dedicated to deaf and hard-of-hearing teens with an interest in filmmaking. This video should indeed make you feel “happy.”

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Fun Fridays – August 8, 2015

Today’s video is a smile maker. A great reminder to say “thank you” to someone today. Your words may be a blessing to one who needs it. Last week I had some rough days personally and professionally…and then a client’s brand new book arrived in the office. In it, on the acknowledgment …

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Fun Fridays – July 25, 2014

When grown men have too much time on their hands and have lost patience waiting for the next “Star Wars” installment. [Warning: there is definite guy-humor in this...explosions and other fun things.] The ending is hilarious.  

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Fun Fridays – July 18, 2014

Amazing what they can train some animals to do! You know this is real because it is on the Internet. Right? Bonus Fun Friday for you avid viewers… Why we are glad World Cup Fever is over:

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