Fun Fridays

Fun Fridays – May 29, 2015

Palindromes: A word or phrase that reads the same backward or forward. Like “we panic in a pew” … perfect for a Sunday sermon!

Weird Al, singing like Bob Dylan, did an entire song where the lyrics are totally made of palindromes. It is one of those videos that you want to stop watching but can’t. Creative is one word. Strange is another. But it is all about word “play” which makes it perfect for Fun Friday!

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Fun Fridays – May 15, 2015

Today is 5/15/15. That just looks strange. At 5:15 today it will be 5-15-15-5:15. Has nothing to do with today’s Fun Friday, but thought I would mention it. Talk amongst yourselves… Today’s video is about what really happens when you can’t find a bookmark…

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Fun Friday – April 10, 2015

Ever wondered what it is like to open the box containing your first published book? Sarah E. Morin, a first-time author with Enclave Publishing, received her books two days ago. Enjoy her wonderfully creative video of the experience! And then go buy her amazing novel, Waking Beauty.

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Fun Fridays – March 27, 2015

I want to know where I can buy a case of this product! It can change the world. [And honey, if you are watching this, I am not “Harold Weathers.” I’m just a little hard of hearing.]

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Fun Fridays – March 20, 2015

The PianoGuys have done it again. Mashing classical Bach and classic Pop music together. And it works! The original Jackson Five singing “I Want You Back” in 1971. (Yes that was 44 years ago.) Enjoy another piano and cello duet by Bach. The real deal this time:

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