Fun Fridays

Fun Fridays – July 25, 2014

When grown men have too much time on their hands and have lost patience waiting for the next “Star Wars” installment.
[Warning: there is definite guy-humor in this...explosions and other fun things.]

The ending is hilarious.


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Fun Fridays – July 18, 2014

Amazing what they can train some animals to do! You know this is real because it is on the Internet. Right? Bonus Fun Friday for you avid viewers… Why we are glad World Cup Fever is over:

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Fun Fridays – July 4th, 2014

Enjoy your celebration today with family and friends! Happy Birthday USA! Below is a picture of the world’s largest single fireworks shell before it is fired into the sky. It is four feet in diameter and weighs over 900 lbs. It is fired 2,700 feet into the air before exploding …

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Fun Fridays – June 20, 2014

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to come up with a metaphor about the writing life that this video suggests. Place your idea in the comments below. We are counting on your creativity! 100,000 ducks cross the road in Thailand…. It is their version of a Duck …

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Fun Fridays – June 13, 2014

Angelina Jordan, eight years old, Wins the “Norway’s Got Talent” competition with this song in the finals. We featured her a month ago with her original audition and other performances. Ironically my wife and I just saw Gershwin’s “Porgy and Bess” at Gammage Theatre last week. The actress who sang “Summertime” …

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Fun Fridays – June 6, 2014

Next time you receive a rejection letter? Next time you receive a bad review? Next time you tell yourself you don’t have what it takes to be a writer? Next time you fail at what you know you are called to do? Watch the below video and remind yourself of …

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Fun Fridays – May 23, 2014

A great song about books! Lyrics: If You Love to Read There’s a story waiting to be told Waiting for all of us, whether we’re young or old The story is in there if you take a look Go ‘head and and open up, the pages of a book If …

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