Fun Fridays

Fun Fridays – September 23, 2016

For those of you who may not have heard, Karen Ball’s father passed away this past week. She has been providing in-home care for a long time. He was a former pastor and loved the old hymns of the faith.

My father passed away four years ago this month. He too loved the old hymns and particularly liked to hear me sing “How Great Thou Art.”

The lives of these two fathers are what inspired my choice for today’s video. It is a creative arrangement of four classic hymns, “How Great Thou Art,” “It is Well with My Soul,”  “Great is Thy Faithfulness,” and “Holy, Holy, Holy.”

The legacy of great music lives on.

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Fun Fridays – August 5, 2016

Up close view of Vivaldi’s “Summer – presto” performed by virtuoso David Garrett. Proves the value of practice. Apply to your profession and watch for the results! It also illustrates the genius of the composer. Someone had to write the music first…

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Fun Friday – July 22, 2016

For some reason I found this mesmerizing. Only 1:21 in length so you tell me if you were as fascinated as I was. Enjoy! And if you really like this sort of thing, enjoy the eight minute rendition of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor on the organ.

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Fun Fridays – July 15, 2016

If we can’t laugh at ourselves we are doomed. Enjoy today’s commercial break. (Add new words or phrases in the comments below but don’t use any of them in your next writing project!)

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