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Appreciating Reviews

While researching my St. Patrick’s Day blog, where I reminisced about writing a novella, I must confess I poked around and looked at the fate of a few other books I wrote as well.
I tell authors that a one-star review isn’t as bad as they think because that shows that your book is being read by impartial readers. I had to remind myself of my own advice as I read a few poor reviews. What writers feel that negative reviews are justified? I’d venture that none really do.
Needless to say, I enjoyed reading the favorable reviews.
Then, I felt truly humbled. People had taken time not only to read my books, but many shared what they liked about the plots. I couldn’t help but feel amazed that anyone would not only read my work, but discuss stories I’d made up. Just typing this brings back that awestruck feeling.
Even though I’m not writing books now that I’m an agent, I feel a sense of gratitude to those readers who felt strongly enough about my work that they shared those feelings with others. As you take your publishing journey, I wish for you many engaged readers, too.
Your turn:
What is your favorite comment anyone has made about your work?
What comments have you learned from?
Do you read all the reviews on a book before you purchase? Why or why not?
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