It’s a Snoopy Kind of Day

This is not a deep-thought day. Well, not the way you might think. It’s not a day to explore thought provoking issues, craft issues, or career insights. Today, I find that my mind is a bit too reflective of what’s happening outside, where our beautiful valley is cloaked in smoke from wildfires hours away. The mountain range I usually look at and savor is obliterated by the white haze of death. (My “affectionate” name for the white smoke that comes to visit every summer…) My beautiful flowers are bent over, as though they, too, gasp for air in the fog of particulates. And while I’m inside, protected to a certain degree by air conditioning and HEPA filters, the smoke still seeps in and muddles my brain.

So what to do on days like this, when our minds and creativity feel bogged down, whether for physical reasons or otherwise? Take a break.

With Snoopy! Because if anyone understands what we writers go through, it’s Snoopy.

So since I’m in need of a Snoopy break today, I thought I’d take you all along with me.









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Bad Research

After many years in another industry, a corporate CEO left to lead a large publishing company. After a month or so on the job, he grew unsettled at how different publishing was from the consumer product industry he was familiar with, especially the highly “intuitive” approach publishing utilized to make …

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How to Read More in Less Time

I have the privilege of reading for a living. Someone once asked “What do you do for a living?” I replied, “I read.” Then they asked what I did for fun. And I replied with a huge smile, “I read.” But not all reading is alike. There is immersive reading of …

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Name Brands in Fiction

So, you’re driving down the road, and you see a Ford F-350 with Monster wheels and an NRA bumper sticker. And you see a Toyota Prius with a Go Green bumper sticker. You know these are two different personalities driving the vehicles, right? You probably have formed an image already. …

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Not All Words Are Created Equal

Twice in the last few weeks something happened that got me thinking about how very careful we need to be when revising, either our own work or someone else’s. First, during a worship team practice, the leader changed the words of a song from “You give and take away,” referring …

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Authors: Seeking Approval

Depending on my current situation or environment, I might see something entirely different than another time when I read a passage of Scripture. The Bible is a like a diamond, with light of different colors shining through various facets depending on how you turn it and look through. I am …

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The Power of a Single Word

According to various sources there are about one million words in the English language. Approximately 750,000 of them are technical or scientific. That leaves us with 250,000 words with which to communicate. But the Oxford English Dictionary Unabridged has only 170,000 words in it. And I doubt any of us …

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What Have You Outgrown?

You can hardly swing a computer keyboard around (well, okay, I don’t recommend swinging a computer keyboard around, but anyway…) without seeing a chance to take a workshop on how to utilize social media. Taking a workshop on social media is a great idea. I’m a huge advocate of using …

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